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 General Manager's message

The founder and chairman of the MINKANG biological group: Mr. Gan jianmin, in the conflict, he has made a decisive victory in the war. In the commercial tide, the continuous efficiency, the more obvious quality is good.

People-oriented, good for the soul, united as one, worked hard, with team spirit, cohesive forces create value with the advantages of team, with a team of resources sustainable development, with the wisdom of the team realize the maximization of the benefit of enterprise and society, with the team's brand to deduce a new glorious chapter, to create new brilliance!

MINKANG biological to since its establishment, always follow the people-oriented, good for the soul of the management idea, unite with all forces that can be united, mutual appreciation for each other's interests;

Invest in MINKANG: the greatest promise of MINKANG is to make your investments more secure.

Professional in MINKANG: MINKANG would be according to your ideal life for you to create the ideal platform, here you are the owner of the enterprise, family, we will give you the promise is a happy dream;

MINKANG hand in hand : as MINKANG partner, we give you promised to help you achieve the interests of the value-added, we always respect you as a MINKANG development of each contribution, no matter how big or small contribution, we are all in the mindset of gratitude work together;

Choose MINKANG: MINKANG in numerous trade companies, we today is just a beginner, but we always start from the majority of consumer demand and health essence, really do provide products to the market is the consumer demand, to provide proper value for health.

We will work hard to realize the dream of MINKANG and build a business that truly makes all the participants reliable and reliable.

Company profile

MINKANG biological, is engaged in the blood glucose monitoring system, glycosylated hemoglobin test system, blood lipids, blood ketone body detection system and POCT product research and development, production, sales as one of the high-tech enterprises. It was registered in Beijing on June 8, 2010 and relocated to tianjin binhai new area in September 2013.

MINKANG has the international first-class 5000 square meters standardization of 100,000 level GMP production base, 1500 square meters professional research and development center.

MINKANG technology as a basic platform for the development of the company, to its inception, the company has been increasing spending on research and development company's chief scientist Dr Is a famous American institution of higher learning, nearly 30 years in diabetes monitoring technology, at the same time the company has dozens of master's background of the research and development team. After years of research and development, the technology system of electrochemistry, photochemistry, colloidal gold and immunity has been formed. Access to nearly 20 patents and software copyright.

MINKANG will always insist that technology is the foundation of enterprise development, innovation is the enterprise development nuclear power, the benefit sharing is the principle of enterprise development. It is our goal to make the MINKANG brand the most valuable brand in the industry.


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