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Advanced technology


Safety and green decoration
Advanced technology

People start since its establishment, the company has been increasing spending on research and development has a famous universities in the United States, Dr., nearly 30 years in diabetes monitoring technology of Dr Choi to chief scientists and dozens of master's background of research and development team, our goal is to put people kang brand become the industry's most valuable brand.


Repeat inspection layers of checks
the quality is reliable

Minkang has passed the ISO9000 and 13485 quality system certification to ensure that every product is a qualified product that is carefully tested, conforms to the national standard and the standard of enterprise products. Min kang always believes that product quality is the cornerstone of brand value, and there is no brand without quality.


Category range to create a comfortable living space
Productive power

Min kang owns the international class of 1, 000 square meters, 100, 000 square meters, 200 square meters laboratory, 1, 000 square meters specialized research and development center. Capable of producing 2 million instruments and 500 million pieces of paper. Products include blood glucose series, series of uric acid, total cholesterol, blood fat, glycosylated hemoglobin, diabetes, such as the whole industry chain series products, with more than 50 patents and software copyright..


Excellent quality and lightweight fast
The after-sale guarantee system is perfect

The people's health products provide comprehensive and considerate after-sales service system. People kang glucose meter after-sales service commitment: replacement free lifetime warranty 10 years, the company's after-sales service network all over the country, has the national customer service center in tianjin, ensure to provide users with fast and efficient service.




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