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The company upholds an open, fair, and talented employment principle that provides talented employees with generous treatment and broad development space. The company requires every employee to be loyal, diligent, strictly abide by professional ethics and business ethics, actively maintain and promote the company's reputation and interests, and strive to create value for the company.

From the first day we joined the company, we have been a member of the Minkang Biotechnology family. While feeling the corporate culture of Minkang Biotechnology, we have also accepted the test of an equality system. Our products and services, our work and behavior, our ideas and expectations will all be improved and sublimated in the order that we adhere to together.

  • Five Insurance&Housing Fund
  • Paid Vacation
  • Meal&Travel Allowance
  • Quarterly Attendance Award
  • Wage for Seniority
  • Free Shuttle
  • Two-day Weekend
  • Free Dormitory

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